Custom Fabricated Acid Neutralization Tanks
Neutralization Tanks for all application large and small
Tanks are suitable for most corrosive fluids and any environment: indoors, outdoors, hazardous, etc.

pHASE pH Adjustment System

pHASE Family of pH Adjustment systems are batch tanks designed to handle continuous flows from 0-60 GPM. The pHASE family is capable of handling a variety of wastewater influent streams ranging from highly acidic to highly alkaline.

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labTREAT Lab Wastes Neutralization System

labTREAT Family of pH Adjustment Tanks are continuous flow through tanks designed to handle flows from 0-300 GPM. The labTREAT family is capable of handling a variety of wastewater streams from industrial and institutional research laboratories.

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batchTREAT Acid Wastes Neutralization System

batchTREAT Family of pH Neutralization tanks are designed to handle continuous flows of industrial wastewater from 0-10,000 GPM. This large platform system is a batch tank that handles continuous flows that can be highly acidic or highly alkaline.

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hydroTREAT pH Adjustment Systems using Carbon Dioxide

hydroTREAT Family of pH Neutralization tanks are specifically designed for alkaline / high pH influent flows, particularly wastewater from concrete and hydrodemolition applications. The hydroTREAT family is designed to use carbon dioxide (CO2).

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We also manufacture a complete line of heavy metal removal systems and fluoride removal systems

Heavy metal reduction system for all RCRA heavy metals

Heavy Metal Removal

We also manufacture a complete line of heavy metal removal systems for the reduction of Cu, Cd, Cr, Fe, Ni, Pb, Zn and all of the heavy metals. Heavy metal reduction is accomplished through one of several methods depending on the application including metal hydroxide precipitation, sulfide precipitation, or ion exchange.

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Fluoride removal system

Fluoride Removal

Our Fluoride removal systems are designed to reduce fluorides from industrial wastewater to levels far below most discharge permit requirements. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE) and all fluoride sources are neutralized and rendered non-hazardous with our fluoride reduction systems.

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316SS Duplex Lift Station

Lift Stations

Collection Transfer Stations (CTS) are available for all fluid lift applications in sizes from 10 gallons to 10,000 gallons. These are completely automated lift stations. Simplex, duplex, and triplex pumping configurations are available.

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Main Control Panel

pH Control Systems

Automated pH Control systems for pH control in any process or wastewater application. All control systems are PLC based and feature a graphical user interface. All systems are NEC, NFPA compliant and UL508 certified.

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