batchTREAT BT125

0 to 125 GPM

Duplex Batch pH Neutralization System

Duplex Batch pH Adjustment System

Illustrated here is our batchTREAT BT125 Duplex Batch pH Adjustment System
For an example of a waste acid neutralization systems follow me...

System Performance Specifications:

The batchTREAT family of pH Neutralization Systems are skid mounted / packaged pH neutralization systems that are fully automated and designed to neutralize acids and bases from any source.

The pH neutralization system displayed here is capable of treating wastewater flows of up to 125 GPM continuous and 250 GPM intermittent. With the use of an influent equalization system, which is standard on all of our pH systems, periodic flows in excess of 500 GPM can be handled.

This pH system features a duplex batch design with completely redundant systems each capable of handling the process load. Complete redundancy assures 100% up time. One half of the system can be taken offline for service while the other half remains up and running.

Influent Characteristic: Flow 0-500 GPM, 125 GPM average / 7500 GPH max. Influent pH: 0 < pH < 14. Temperature 32-140F. (High temp units available for temperatures up to 212F.

Effluent pH Range: typical 6.5 < pH < 8.5 (note: the effluent pH range is fully programmable through the operator interface).

Effluent Monitoring: As mandated by the local controlling authority and by most discharge permits continuous monitoring of effluent flow and pH is provided on a circular chart recorder, paperless recorder, or via a data logger. Additionally SCADA systems are available with automatic report generation.

Utilities, Weights, Dimensions:

All of our pH adjustment systems are supplied as complete "turnkey" packages. Prior to shipping all plumbing and electrical connections are complete and the pH neutralization system undergoes extensive burn in testing in our QC area including a wet / hydro test.

The Main Control Panel (MCP) is equipped with a main disconnect providing OSHA Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO) and UL 508 compliance. Electrical requires a single point connection.

All of our pH adjustment systems utilize a fail safe valve on the discharge that immediately halts flow in the event of a discharge contravention, alarm or a loss of power. This valve requires a small air supply. If air is not available the same function is provided in an all electric configuration.

Electrical: 480VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 20 amp. Disconnect not required (a disconnect is provided on our MCP).

Air: Less than 1 SCFH @ 80 psig.

Dimensions: 8' x 16' x 8'(H) - Not including the optional influent equalization system.

Weight: Approx. 5500 lbs. dry (not including shipping crate).


Tanks: PP, PE, XLPE, FRP, and all stainless alloys.

Pipe, Valves, and Fittings: PVC, CPVC, PP, PE, PVDF, and all stainless alloys.

Main Control Panel: All of our pH systems are controlled by an programmable logic controller (PLC) typically Allen-Bradley. All panels are built to NEC, UL 508 and OSHA standards.

Weight: Approx. 5500 lbs. dry (not including shipping crate).